Articles relating to the Huron Mascot Issue

I will continue to update this post as articles become available.
EMU revives Huron Mascot

Time to rethink Native American imagery

Huron Restoration Alumni Chapter

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Articles relating to the Elizabeth Warren/Cherokee Issue

There are several articles about the debacle around Elizabeth Warren’s ancestry. Here are a few I find particularly useful and thoughtful:

Elizabeth Warren Finally Teaches a Lesson on Native Identity (05/07/12)

Who gets to decide who is Native American? (08/09/12)

The Fight Over Elizabeth Warren’s Heritage, Explained (9/27/12)

Kill the Indians, Then Copy Them (0/29/12)

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5th Anniversary of UNDRIP

Today is the 5th anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  This document was created in 1976, but was not approved by the UN until 2007.  At that time 4 countries (Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America) refused to sign the declaration, though all changed their support in 2009-2010 (generally with qualifications).


Indigenous Foundations has a useful history of UNDRIP to give you the context of the document.
Cultural Survival, a non-profit that works to protect autonomous rights of indigenous peoples, has a blog post today about the significance of this document and the impact it has had.

You can read the full text of the Declaration in a variety of languages (including several indigenous languages) here at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues website.

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Indigenous World 2012

Indigenous World 2012 PDF

Main Website for International Work Group on Indigenous Affairs

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INdigneous People in Pop Culture

Cannibal the Musical




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Census/identity/race articles and blogs

There have been a lot of posts on Native American identity, race and the census recently.  Here are some.


Debbie Reese’s Blog

NPR ‘Native American Intermarriage puts Benefits at Risk’

Census shows rise in Number of Multiracial Children


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